Are you in a situation wherein you’re not sure whether you need a DUI lawyer or not? If you’re involved in drunk driving or have been arrested for driving under the influence, you have every reason to be worried. Whether or not you were in an accident, driving while intoxicated have severe consequences in Toronto and the rest of Canada. You’re doing the right thing by asking if you need to hire a DUI lawyer.

So, when to hire a DUI lawyer in Toronto? It can be confusing to determine if all you’ll get is a warning or if your current situation will lead to a conviction. At any rate, it is best to be prepared with the best DUI defence that you can have more so if you’re involved in the following situations:

You Were Seen Drinking in a Parked Vehicle

A DUI charge is not limited to those who were actually seen in the act of driving a vehicle while intoxicated. Drinking while in a parked vehicle is also illegal if in a public area. The officer is within the law to give you a breathalyzer test and invite you to the precinct.

You Were Found Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

The most common misconception about a DUI charge is that an individual has to be using alcohol or illegal drugs to be charged. Under Canadian law, prescription medications are also covered and not an excuse to drive a vehicle when indisposed.

You Have an Open Alcohol Container with You as a Passenger

You don’t have to be actually driving to need a DUI lawyer. LLC Section 32(2) stipulates that there are penalties for having liquor in an open container if outside of a private location, private residence, or licensed location. You might get a fine or a charge.

You Have an Open Alcohol Container Beside You

Whether you were parked or have been pulled over when an officer notices that you have an open alcohol container beside you, the Liquor Licence Act Section 32(1) says that this is an act that carries a fine and can lead to temporary licence suspension. Whether you’ve had a drink or not, it is best to call a DUI lawyer in Toronto or a local one in your area.

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