Disputes between people who are or were in a relationship can often lead to domestic violence charges. However, domestic violence charges won’t simply go away when the person who called the police has a change of heart. Once police are involved and an incident of domestic violence has been laid, any spat that led to the charge is now under the control of the proceedings headed by the Crown Prosecutor.

Withdraw Domestic Violence Charge

In a situation wherein the victim of the alleged domestic violence no longer wishes to take part in the criminal proceedings, he or she may still be called with a subpoena to testify in court for the truth to be heard. This means that that the alleged victim’s withdrawal of his or her complaint isn’t enough to drop domestic violence charges. One possible way is with a peace bond, a common and effective way of resolving charges of domestic assault. A peace bond is an agreement with which terms’ the offender should abide by. If the Crown Prosecutor resolves the charge through a peace bond, then it means the charges will get dropped.

No Conviction and Avoiding a Criminal Record

Without a conviction, someone accused of domestic violence can avoid having a criminal record. This can be achieved by getting charges dropped or if an accused is discharged. It is possible to plead guilty and get a discharge if proper actions are done including submitting a document explaining why the accused does not deserve a criminal record. This is a tricky process and needs the assistance of a seasoned criminal lawyer without a doubt. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence in Toronto, be sure to contact Toronto criminal lawyer Calvin Barry today. Calvin Barry can help with resolving charges of domestic assault as well as avoiding a criminal record.