Because a DUI is a criminal offence in Canada, having a drug or alcohol-related DUI charge can have an adverse effect on someone’s life. A first offense can mean having to pay fine and giving up your driver’s license for a while. Secondary and more offences can mean jail time as well as heavier fines and more severe consequences. In Toronto, a DUI in someone’s criminal record can have long-lasting effects on someone’s career and ability to get a job.

Is It Really Possible to Not Get A Criminal Record with A DUI?

In Canada, a DUI is a criminal offence. This means that a conviction will go on someone’s permanent record and it will be seen by potential employers when doing a background check for criminal convictions. However, it should be noted that if a person was simply pulled over or charged with impaired driving by a police officer, this does not mean that someone will have a criminal record (because it is not a conviction yet). With this said, it is very important to try to avoid getting a DUI charge on your permanent record more so if you feel or think that you were wrongfully accused. a DUI lawyer will fight for your rights as well as make sure to minimize the long-lasting effects of a DUI charge on your future.

Can A DUI Really Prevent Someone from Getting A Job?

There is no exact law that can prevent a person with a DUI record from getting a job. However, note that employers have the privilege to choose the people that they employ. These days, a lot of employers require background checks as well as examine criminal records for certain positions. It is well within their legal rights to choose someone who they think will be safer or more qualified for a certain position based on their requirements. Because of this, having a record of a criminal offence in Toronto can negatively affect someone’s ability to get a job and to take advantage of future job opportunities.

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